Klett Group

Klett International is part of the Stuttgart, Germany based Klett Group. Comprising a total of 59 companies, the Klett Group is Germany's leading provider of educational materials and among the most prominent in Europe. It is represented in 17 countries and at 40 locations.

In addition to textbooks, learning aids and dictionaries, as well as CDs, CD-ROMs and audio files, Klett publishes numerous specialist books and journals, culture magazines, as well as children's books, fantasy novels and classic literature. The publishing houses of the Group also have a good reputation for their customer oriented solutions especially when it comes to new media, such as the Internet and software applications.

The individual business units of the Klett Group are divided into the following key categories:

Educational Publications
The Klett fleur-de-lis symbolises the initials of founder Ernst Klett. This logo and the instantly recognisable green cover of the PONS products have been dependable synonyms for successful teaching and learning for many years. They are trademarks for revolutionary didactic methods and the force of innovation in all segments of scholastic and adult education, for every type of school and learning situation. Innovative state-of-the-art products, which frequently feature digital add-ons, are marketed at budget prices so that new acquisitions in shorter cycles will remain affordable in the years to come. The Klett Group's educational publication brands are represented in 14 European countries with their own publishing houses.

Adult and Continued Education
The Klett Group is the leading private provider on the German market for continued education programmes. Every year, more than 185,000 people participate in programmes at the FORUM Institut für Management, with praxisDienste Fortbildungs GmbH and at the Klett Group's domestic and international distance learning institutions. Most of the portfolio of the distance learning group, which comprises well over 400 course topics is vocation related, but it also includes programmes on topics such as private lifestyles as well as creative and practical recreational activities. The degrees available through these programmes are all government accredited.

Professional Information
Within the Klett Group, publishers Raabe and Friedrich, the AAP Lehrerfachverlage and Klett MINT GmbH specialize in the publication of professional information. All of them develop products that meet the exacting quality standards of their respective target groups in a timely and perfectly precise manner. The printed products available in all categories are complemented by supplementary CD-ROMs and additional information, which can be accessed via the Internet. Electronic media provides readers with the opportunity to obtain the latest information immediately.

Cultural Publications
The cultural publishers in the Klett Group set the standard for all educational iniciatives - giving people the opportunity to escape from the everyday routine and engage with life's fundamental issues, either on their own or in conversation with others. Four strong brands cater to people of all ages interested in culture: the Klett-Cotta, Friedrich Berlin, Klett Kinderbuch and Esslinger publishing houses offer fiction and non-fiction books, fantasy fiction, cultural magazines and children's books.

Sales and Distribution
Two logistics companies are part of the Klett Group: The Stuttgarter Verlagskontor (SVK) in Germany and the Balmer Bücherdienst (BBD) in Switzerland. Their services range from order processing to customer accounting and individual statistics to warehouse management to order picking and shipping. SVK and BBD consider themselves the link in the logistics chain between publishers and their customers. The fast and on time handling of business transactions between the two parties is organised by the distribution service of the Klett Group in a professional and dependable manner.

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