28.01.2017, Frankfurt

4. Klett English Saturday

Welcome to the English Theatre in Frankfurt!

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28.01.2017 von 10:45 bis 14:45 Uhr

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English Theatre

Theatre in Education Service
Gallusanlage 7
60329 Frankfurt

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Termin 28.01.2017 von 10:45 bis 11:45 Uhr
Referent/in Cornelia Kaminski (Lehrerin und Autorin, Fulda)
Inhalt Romeo and Juliet is probably the best-known Shakespeare play, and most of our students will know about their sad story. Yet quite a few English students who have read the play at school seem to believe that Romeo died in a swimming pool on the Titanic. Aren’t there ways of bringing the Capulets and Montagues into the classroom that have more to offer than Hollywood movies? Let’s find out about some of the drama’s most important scenes, themes and characters, and discuss ways of generating enthusiasm for Shakespeare’s timeless play.

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Termin 28.01.2017 von 12:00 bis 13:00 Uhr
Referent/in The English Theatre Drama Club
Inhalt Solely for the participants of the Klett English Saturday does the English Theatre Drama Club present selected scenes of Romeo and Juliet, premiering on 14 February 2017. These scenes will show Shakespeare's star-crossed lovers juxtaposed with modern romantic texts. Directed by Melanie Schöberl these performances are made for students by students! Teachers will also have the chance to ask the actors and the director questions about the play. So sit back and enjoy the show!

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Termin 28.01.2017 von 13:45 bis 14:45 Uhr
Referent/in Paul J. Dennis (Autor, Berater und ehem. Lehrer und schulischer Ausbildungsleiter )
Inhalt Effective communication starts with listening and, in today's competence orientated English classrooms, listening - and watching - play a prominent role in both language teaching and testing. The objectives set for listening comprehension are frequently very ambitious as students are expected to understand (authentic) texts (effortlessly) and to be able to demonstrate their understanding - often by answering questions in considerable detail. Listening and audio-visual comprehension are integral to the competence orientation in Green Line Oberstufe. Let's see how listening and viewing skills can be developed and the new test formats practised with particular reference to listening and watching materials in Green Line Oberstufe.