Information Reprint Permissions

Information Reprint Permissions

Thank you for your interest in the publications of Ernst Klett Verlag GmbH. Our publications are protected by copyright. If you wish to reprint material from one of our publications you must obtain written permission from us to do so.

In order to assist you in making your request we have put together the following guidelines:

1. Permission can only be granted for reprints of material from our current catalogue.

To establish whether a publication is listed in our current catalogue, go to our homepage and enter the ISBN of the publication in the search box. If the work appears in our current catalogue it will be listed in the search results. If no results are returned it can be assumed that the publication is out of print and, for legal reasons, permission to reprint can not be granted.

2. The copyright of many of the texts, pictures and images which appear in our publications is held by third parties. In these instances please direct your request directly to the copyright holder.

Please check carefully to ascertain to whom a permission request should be directed. The relevant information can be found in the imprint (Impressum) or the copyright acknowledgement page for texts (Textquellen) and pictures (Bildquellen).

For more recent publications this information can be found in the "livebook" version available on our website.

Reference to third party ownership of copyright can also be found directly below a text or image.

Unfortunately we can not undertake any copyright research on your behalf.

3. After you have made certain that Ernst Klett Verlag GmbH is the copyright holder of the material you require please complete the permission request form.

We will process your request and provide a written permissions agreement. There will be a minimum 60.00 Euro fee for permissions. We regret we are unable to take any permission requests by telephone.

Thank you for your understanding.